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Reporting a lost Credit Card

IMPORTANT: If you need to report a lost or stolen credit card during non-business hours, please call the number below.  They are available to assist you 24/7. DO NOT WAIT until the next credit union business day to report your card lost or stolen.

Visa Credit Card: 1-800-808-7230

With your WCCU Visa, you can enjoy the worldwide acceptance of Visa, offering global access to more than 450,000 Visa/PLUS ATMs in 120 countries worldwide. Remember you can help protect your online purchases by enrolling your Visa Credit Cards in Verified by Visa!

  •  No annual fees
  •  Fixed rate of 7.9% or 9.9% (depending upon your credit history)
  •  Low minimum payment of 3%
  •  Limits ranging from $500 to $7500
  •  Convenience of mailing payments in or making them at our office

Click here to apply instantly for a WCCU Visa Card.

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