Rates above may vary based on your individual credit history and model year of car.  Rates quoted are based on 710 or higher credit score and a model year 2014 and newer. Interest rate is 2.75% with an APR of 2.85% based on financing $25,000 for 72 months.  $75 processing fee is included in the calculation of the APR. ​

New & Used Automobiles Purchase/RefinanceRate
Rates as low as... 2.85%apr

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All rates listed may vary depending upon your credit history. Unsecured APR of 8.11% is based on borrowing $7500 for 36 months, with a 710 or higher credit score.  Unsecured loans have a $40 processing fee. (excluding VISA and Overdraft Line of Credit)

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Please call for rate quotes on Recreational Vehicles, Boats, and Motorcycles

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Unsecured (personal loan) - up to $7500Up to 36 Months = as low as 7.75%/8.11%apr*
VISA Credit Card ($500-$7500)7.90% - 9.90%apr FIXED
Title Loan (we hold a clear vehicle title as collateral)Call for rates

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